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Names & Particulars of 5 Soldiers Buried at Le Cateau

on Sat 8th July 1916 in the Cemetery there

in my presence C.C.Frank 2nd Lieutenant

7 West Yorkshire Regiment


1             S.H.Graham No: 3734 Ist Queen Victoria Rifles

Home address The Punch Bowl Inn Turners Hill Sussex

Severe bullet would in head 3 Doctors gave him every attention

2             Noble queen’s Westminster Rifles A Company

Taken to the College as a severe case on arrival

Query – lived at Balham Qy No4022 Platoon

3             C.F.Butt No 1721 London Rifle Brigade

5th City of London regiment

Travelled with him Wounded in stomach


4             Ford No 339 5th City/County of London Regiment

L. M . L. (?)

5             An unknown man. They have photographed

him & sent photo to Bureau at Berlin

will send it via Switzerland to England

and any things he had too – He was very

badly wounded and sent to the College at once as

dangerous case

6             (Not died) Ollerenshaw H.S. Sergeant in the 5th

City of London Regiment (London Rifles Brigade)

Severely wounded in left leg

These particulars given by H C Sichnell No 2198

of same regiment

Married                Wife lived at 51 Eastwood Road

Goodmayes Essex

c/o Mrs Challens

119 Elgin Road

Seven Kings



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Army Message Book 153 WW1 diary

Army Message Book 153

Army Book 153 WW1 diary

Army Book 153, Inside front cover


Army book 153 WW1 diary

Pages 1-33 are torn out. P34: 7 July 1916. Seven days after being wounded and captured, Charles made a list of the details of the wounded men, including himself

Addresses of Men 7th July 1916

Keith William Gould

2nd Lieutnt IX Royal Irish Rifles

Ingelside Seaford Sussex England

Left shoulder bullet wounded


Robert C ????burgh

2nd Lieutnt IX Royal Irish Rifles

c/o Dr Darling, Lurgan Ireland

( Chin wounded)


C. C. Frank.

2nd Lieutenant

7 West Yorks Regiment

Leeds Rifles

c/o Barclays Bank




Army Book 153 - p34v Addresses of men 7th July 1916

p34v the list continues

2nd Lieutnt Reginald Fellorton

IX R Irish Rifles


(left ???)                             Ireland


2nd Lieutnt J J Haigh

Selly 5th York Lancs

(Right hand)


Captain A Whyte

16th Royal Scots

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary


2nd Lieutnt J W Mausby

Yelverton Norwich

6th North Staffordshire Regiment


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