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On this morning’s dog walk, I saw lots of tiny white Privet flowers scattered on the pavement and they reminded me of the acres of white crosses in France. I then discovered, that the memorial in Thiepval  (where grandfather fought) was designed by Lutyens. Good ol’ Wikipedia! Not madly surprising, or even significant, ‘cept we’ll be staying in a hotel designed (as a house, originally) by Mr L. for our 20th wedding anniversary!  Ahhh

Anyway, today I only had time to read one essay:

P.C. M1345, Special Constable, Jan 1915

in which TMP outlines the cold, dull, unexciting realities of his duties in this voluntary civic role, poldding round the city streets at night. It’s full of lots of interesting social notes (including that he and his mate smoking in the street was ‘winked at’ by his superiors!) and wry comments, but he also frets that the drills, marching etc are not in preparation for fighting the Germans. Little did he know that just over a year later, he would be.

Wow – just looked up the quote: ‘They also serve who only stand and wait’ –  hadn’t realised it was Milton (I thought it was Churchill – oops!).


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The fallen


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I love the fact that I’m using a scanner, computer, iPhone and the internet while I’m reading & researching these dusty hundred+ year old papers, and none of these things were even thought of then (- not even electricity?!).

Anyway, have now scanned 46 (halfway!) each takes an average of 15mins. Luckily the paper in those days was made to last – bet they didn’t even have 80gsm back then – I feel bad folding the corners, but am trying to fold on old creases.

Some of  TMP’s little comments are great, I just came across the two below while I was scanning these essays.

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